German Christmas Kekse

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German Shortbread

German: Heidesand

  1. Shortbread with a German twist

  2. Melt the butter until slightly brown
  3. Leave the melted butter to cool in mixing bowl
  4. Whisk melted butter, vanilla sugar and 2/3 of the sugar until light and frothy
  5. Add the cream, salt and flour and straightaway knead to smooth dough

  6. Flour the work surface
  7. Make the dough into 1 inch rolls
  8. Flatten rolls slightly and coat in sugar OR thickly spread an additional egg yolk on the rolls and coat in additional coarse sugar
  9. Wrap in plastic wrap (or place in Tupperware box) and chill in refrigerator (at least 12 hours)

  10. Preheat oven, 400 F (350 F fan assisted)
  11. Line baking sheets with baking paper
  12. Cut the dough into thin slices, each around 1/5 of an inch
  13. Everything goes onto the baking sheets
  14. Bake on middle shelf for 10 - 12 minutes, until golden brown
  15. Remove cookies on baking paper from baking sheet and allow to cool Taste best after 4-5 weeks


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German Shortbread cookies are also known as Heidesand Kekse.

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